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Welcome to india-astrology.info. It provides you full information related to astrology.
Welcome to the astrology website. We invite you to explore the web's most comprehensive astrology resource. Whether you are a Professional astrologer , student , amateur astrologer , or simply curious about what astro
-logy has to offer you - it's here. We Provide you each and every information related to astrology for every interest and every level of experience or training. Explore and enjoy. If you have questions e-mail or call us, we’re always glad to help.
Ask a question to me:
Mr.Aditya the astrologer.
 How long will our love last?
 How much can i trust my lover?
 Are we both are compatible?
 When will i get rich?
 Which name will be lucky for me?
 When will my financial positon improve?
 Will my business be successful?
 How can i make it profitable?
 Can i continue with my studies?
 Shall i pass my exams?

 When will i get married?
 Will it be arrange or love marriage?
 How long will my marriage last?
 How long will our relationship last?
 Does our freindship can result into marriage?
 How much can i trust my friend?
 Will my health condition improve?
 What should i do to remain healthy?

Renowned Astrologers, having world Class Experience at an Affordable Price

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Janampatri All Types
 Janampatri Basic
 Janampatri Regular
 Janampatri Detailed
 When will i have a baby?
 When the problems in my family will be over?
 Am i successful in my career?
 Which profession will be ideal for me?
  Quick Links:
Sun Signs
Astrology Details
Yellow Sapphire
Sun signs  
Astrology signs can
be used to give a little boost to your Luck. Find out about your zodiac sign and ruling planet from here!
Astrology Details  
Under Indian
astrology horoscope is evaluated by blending energies in an infinite variety of ways.
Yellow Sapphire  
It is worn for
knowledge, wisdom, virtue, fortune, justice, education, future, religion, philosophy, devotion, children, distant travel, spirituality, truthfulness, prosperity and charity.
All your doubts on
romance, love, marriage and compatibility are answered here!
  The word Rudraksha means
the eye of Lord Rudra. We have 21 types of Rudraksha avaialble with us. Theses Rudraksha are procured from Jungles of tarai and Rameshwaram these are beads and are called Shivas Tears or Bead.
Palmistry is the study
of the lines and signs of the hands. It tells everything about you - past, present, future - health - and more.
Spiritual Items
We will predict various
aspects of your personal life through vedic techniques of reading and through analysis of your birth chart.
Get your Horoscope or
Birth Chart or Janampatri prepared from any astrologer or through Computer as you wish.
Spiritual items  
We offer a variety of
spiritual items that have super natural powers. These can be used appropriately to get the benefits from them.

Time to meet our astrologers can be fixed on the net or on the personal visit with a prior appointment.

Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksh bead

Stone Gallery

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